Frequently Asked Questions about the Ride

Things to bring on a long distance Motorcycle ride

When thinking about making a long distance motorcycle ride, a lot of things need to be considered and a lot of compromises are going to need to be made. It’s a delicate balance between need and space.

I’ve made numerous long distance rides and have rarely needed something I didn’t have. Obviously, clothes are a big issue. When traveling for several days, just accept the fact that you will probably have to do laundry while on the road. Also accept the fact that your wardrobe will be somewhat limited, especially for the ladies. We will be leaving Willmar, MN on July 13, 2019 and arriving in Salt Lake City, UT on July 17, 2019. You’re welcome to pick up with the ride on any of the routes that are closest to you.

As far as riding clothes go, you can get a few days of riding from one pair of jeans and a shirt. Everyone else will be wearing the same thing every day so don’t be worried about “what others will think”. Who Cares? I would advise anyone to wear leathers, chaps and Jacket. Leathers not only protect you in case you go down, they typically don’t flap in the wind. If you’ve ever had a flapping pant leg or shirt collar you know exactly what I’m talking about. Leathers will also keep the bugs, the dirt, and other debris off your clothes, making them last longer. A sturdy pair of boots is also highly advisable. Think protection. If a rock flies up and hits your foot at 70 mph, a good boot will deflect it. A pair of tennis shoes will send you into orbit. I advise helmets at all times but that’s just me. I find that on extended trips, the wind in my face for several hours gets a little tiresome and a helmet with a shield helps to protect your face from rocks, bugs, grit, dirt, rain, and the like.

I also like to pack a rain suit. This is completely optional but on long distances, it’s rare that you don’t run into rain at some point. If it’s hot, it’s no big deal. Just get wet and when you ride out of it, you will dry. However, if there is any chill at all, meaning below 80 degrees, riding wet will shut you down. You will get cold and will be unable to continue until you dry out. In a rain event, a helmet is a lifesaver. Keeping your head warm and dry will help you stay in the ride.

Also bring some sort of back-up eye protection. Whether that is goggles, glasses, or whatever, bring an extra set. It is imperative to protect your eyes while riding.

“If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up space.”

D. Gary Young

On this particular ride, we will be making fuel stops approximately every 100 miles. It would be advisable to drink some water at each stop. You can dry out pretty quickly on the road. Another thing I won’t be without on a long ride is Ningxia Red and Ningxia Nitro. Last year, these two items managed to keep me well nourished and alert while on the road.

Lastly, you will be subjected to lots and lots of sunshine while traveling. That means raccoon eyes and burnt arms and hands if you don’t have some sort of protection. I’m not a fan of sunscreen but in these rare instances, I do bring some along.

This will be an experience you will never forget. I hope each person that participates will get more from this experience than merely the ride. Friendship bonds made during a ride like this are strong and often last a lifetime. I hope to personally meet each one of you that join us on this adventure. Just remember, Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is not found in finishing a ride, but in the ride itself.


– Reservation and payment of their hotel rooms

– Fuel costs

– Any and all repairs needed to their bike

– Food and drink

– We are on a tight schedule to be at convention before it starts

– If repairs are major, you may need to stay with your bike and catch up to the group at a later time

– We leave when scheduled to leave

– We will not wait for stragglers

– If you can’t be on time….be early

– We will post updates from the road on the ride for a reason FB page, when we leave a location and expected arrival time at next location

– You may want to FedEx or UPS to ship extra clothes you may need or want at convention rather than packing unneeded extra baggage on the ride.

– Start riding asap to get your Butt in shape for a long ride

– Ride as often as you can gradually increase length of rides up until departure date

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