2020 Motorcycle Ride
to Young Living Convention

Ride for a Reason

What is Ride for a Reason?

Ride for a reason is a motorcycle ride to Utah for Young Living’s annual convention. This ride was created to raise funds and awareness to charities within the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation. Sponsor a rider, enter to win a raffle, or just donate to whichever cause resonates with you. Watch the video to see what last years ride looked like.  

2020 Ride

This year we are again partnering with the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation but we have decided to broaden our scope of benefit. With each donation for one of the five partners of the Foundation and one for the general fund, we hope to allow folks to donate based on their vehicle desires or based on where their heart may lie with the various Foundation partners.

Choose a Cause

Please click below for a greater description for each of the partners that the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation supports.

Hope for Justice – Cambodia Sole Hope – Jinja, Uganda Rebuild Nepal – Yarsa, Nepal Healing Faith Uganda – Jinja, Uganda Young Living Academy Ecuador – Chongón, Ecuador Young Living Foundation General


The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation will be performing the drawing for all these prizes during the 2020 Young Living Convention.

Prices will be announced soon!

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